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You can have brilliant ideas, messages and products, but if you can't get them across, they won’t get anywhere.

We’ve worked with some top clients on communications and marketing projects that have delivered lasting benefits for their organisations.

We’ve highlighted some of our memorable projects here. If you want to know more about these or the rest of our work, contact us.

Procurement isn’t the most sexy of subjects so how do you make it engaging and attractive? cp media services did it with a communications strategy that included a Bargain Hunt procurement event which was a sell-out.

A community group wanted to set up their own news team and publish a monthly community newspaper. cp media services’ communications training gave community reporters in East Manchester the skills to do it.

Copywriting and editing services were taken to new levels when cp media services managed publication of a ground-breaking, interactive report on worklessness, complete with video interviews and on-line links to key background materials.

Launching a new brand can be a tricky business. Our brand management strategy for a new social enterprise ensured it achieved two key objectives, recognition and engagement from potential new members — lots of them!

Discrete communications projects are one of our specialties. We were asked to create a communications strategy for a project with a remit to engage 23 councils in the North West.

Sustained media activity is one of the keys to delivering successful PR. Our work with a number of educational establishments is testament to our success. We’ve raised profiles, reputation and enrolment numbers.

How do you help a project team to understand that a good communications strategy is integral to a project’s success? We worked with a team of procurement professionals to do just that.

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